Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kings of War

I bought the book rules for Kings of War a while back and then scored a great deal on two painted armies online.  One Elf and one Dwarf.  These combined with all my other 28mm historicals should make for an awesome list.  On the other side I have skeletons and goblins galore.  I should be able to assemble quite the battle....some day.
Kings of War Rulebook
The rules look fairly simple.  The LGS in town plays every other week.  Its just hard to get games in with the family right now.  Defintiely in the future
 Dwarf Army Set (85+ Figures)Elf Army Set (85 Figures)
I got both of these 75% very well painted on line for almost half their NIB price.  Some touching up and flocking an these guys are ready.  My human army will be Koreans, Chinese and Japanese.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Campaign Tiles

Have been working on my campaign tiles and should be able to use them to run some larger campaigns in the future.  I think RRTK or Battleforce rules will be used. We'll see.  Scifi and Historicals have my attention at he moment.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

So, I wanted to clearly separate my Historicals from Fantasy gaming.  I have quite a few minis that can bridge the gap, but this is its own creature.  Although I have not yet had a chance to play any out in depth, there are three systems I plan on using primarily.

1)  THW has Fantasy rules for Rally Around the King Ruleset as well as the historical ones.  These will be great for solo gaming.

2)  I have everything from the old Clan War system from AEG which has always been interesting and I have quite a few of the fantasy minis, from dragons to ogres, to orcs, etc.

3)  I got a copy of the D&D Battle-system and Skirmish on Ebay and plan on using them to integrate into any RPG campaigns. 
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